Voyager release ‘Fearless in Love’

Posted on July 14, 2023

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You’ve probably noticedbut VOYAGER are on quite a ride. The band started this year with a Top Ten finish at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, thanks to their keytar-charged power ballad “Promise”. Back home, they were treated to a hero’s welcome with a sold-out summer tour of Australia. Earlier this week, they released “Ultraviolet”, which highlighted a darker, more introspective side to to their electro progressive metal.

Now, Voyager are capping off a surreal first half to 2023 with the highly-anticipated ‘Fearless in Love’. It’s the band’s eighth studio album. Daniel “Danny” Estrin (vocals/keyboards), Simone Dow (guitars), Scott Kay (guitars), Alex Canion (bass) and Ashley Doodkorte (drums) have been making music together for more than a decade. And while they’ve evolved with each release – mixing brightly colored synths, heavy metal riffs, progressively groovier rhythms and clean ‘n’ sticky vocal melodies into big, sugary, radio rocking hits – clearly, with this album, Voyager are bound for the stars.

Angry Metal Guy said that Voyager are “more colorful than ever” and that ‘Fearless in Love’ is “the most successful harmonization of their progressive, poppy, metallic sensibilities’. Distorted Sound singled out “Daydream” for its twin solos that are “straight out of Iron Maiden’s books of tricks”, while Ghost Cult likened “Submarine” to “Duran Duran playing beach volleyball with The Devin Townsend Project”.

Voyager are celebrating the release of ‘Fearless in Love’ with a special full album playlist. Listen to that playlist HERE. 

Here’s what Voyager have to say about the journey of ‘Fearless in Love’: “After many years of writing, demoing, isolating, perfecting and recording, we are proud to present our 8th album in full, Fearless in Love. We are so proud of this album. It comes at a transformational time in our lives, and the music reflects that feeling perfectly. We have so many people to thank throughout the last four or so years for what we now. 

Thank you to Matt Templeman and Simon Struthers for the immaculate mix and master respectively. 

Thank you to Lulu, John and Anahita, for their tireless work to make this release a success. 

Thank you Ashley for the amazing artwork. 

Thank you to Michael and Season of Mist, and to everyone who forms a part of our immediate and wider team (there are too many to add but you know who you are!).

And last but not least, thank you for everyone who has or will listen to Fearless in Love, either now or in years to come. We love making music for you, and for us, and we hope you enjoy this new 45 minute journey as much as we enjoyed making it.”

  1. The Best Intentions
  2. Prince of Fire
  3. Ultraviolet
  4. Dreamer
  5. The Lamenting
  6. Submarine
  7. Promise
  8. Twisted
  9. Daydream
  10. Listen
  11. Gren (Fearless in Love)
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