WATAIN – The Vinyl Reissues – September 18, 2012

Posted on September 18, 2012

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As any Black Metal fan knows, Sweden’s WATAIN have stormed from the hellish pits of the underground onto the covers of the biggest Metal magazines worldwide. Their latest masterpiece “Lawless Darkness” (2010) was praised by critics and fans alike, scored a massive number of highest grades and went on to collect many “album of the year” titles and top list entries.

To celebrate a band that critics have called “the most important Black Metal act of the decade”, Season of Mist is re-releasing the Swedes’ complete full-length back catalogue on vinyl, collected in a stunning strictly limited collector’s box. Made out of solid beech wood and real leather, this very soon to be much sought after item contains unique coloured vinyl versions, which are produced exclusively for this edition. Check it out on Season of Mist’s e-shop for more details and pre-order it now because this collector’s box is strictly limited to 1000 copies worldwide!

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