Nocturnal Graves

An Outlaw’s Stand

Artist: Nocturnal Graves

Catalog Number: SUA125

Release Date: January 7th, 2022

  1. Death to Pigs
  2. Command For Conflict
  3. Ruthless Fight
  4. Across the Acheron
  5. No Mercy For Weakness
  6. Law of the Blade
  7. Beyond the Flesh
  8. An Outlaw’s Stand

NOCTURNAL GRAVES sound the charge with their venomous new offering, ‘An Outlaw's Stand.’ Coalescing the nastiest and rawest elements of death, thrash, and black metal, the Australian outlaws’ brand of apocalyptic metal explodes like an atom bomb, leaving utter devastation in its path. The relentless onslaught of pure brutality makes one thing clear – Long live death!

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CD Digipak
12” Gatefold vinyl (Black)
12” Gatefold vinyl (Dracula / 250 copies)
12” Gatefold vinyl (Smokey / 400 copies)
Merch (POD)

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