Kill the Thrill


Artist: Kill the Thrill

Catalog Number: SOM766

Release Date: January 26th, 2024


  1. Tout va bien se terminer
  2. À la dérive
  3. Le dernier train
  4. Autophagie
  5. Capitan
  6. Cluster headache
  7. Les enfants brûlent
  8. Je suis là
  9. Ahan

French post-punk & industrial metal band KILL THE THRILL have been creating music as far back as 1989. Over the years, a few lineup changes have been observed, yet members Marylin Tognolli & Nicolas Dick have been prolifically creating atmospheric and bleak sonic landscapes with poignant lyricism ever since the band's genesis. With ‘Autophagie,’ KILL THE THRILL once again immerses the listener into a realm of abrasive hypnotic artistry. A cacophony of turbulent, noisy soundscapes meander throughout the album, with Nicolas's mesmerizing vocal lines hauntingly delivered at a frenzied pace. This turbulent journey is anchored by subtle yet resolute rhythmic percussions that serve as a guiding force, allowing the listener to traverse this tumultuous auditory landscape with a sense of purpose, even as the surrounding elements cascade over the senses. Listening to 'Autophagie,' you could imagine a scenario where Swans have taken a distinctive turn, crafting an album steeped in dreary, French lyrics.

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