Rage Nucleaire

Black Storm of Violence

Artist: Rage Nucleaire

Catalog Number: SUA055

Release Date: July 18th, 2014

Release Date US: July 22nd, 2014

  1. Annihilaton Frenzy
  2. A Sino‐American Chainsaw War
  3. The Deadfall Triptych
  4. Goddess Of Filth
  5. Ritual Murder (And Its Attendant Blessings)
  6. Le Grand Mal De Vivre
  7. Revel In Bones
  8. Black Storm Of Violence

A confidential case study on subject RAGE NUCLEAIRE has shown that the subject was never born, but instead assembled by Alvater, who included former CRYPTOPSY figurehead LORD WORM, some time in AD 2000. Their purpose was to direct all aggression outwards, which came to fruition with debut outburst 'Unrelenting Fucking Hatred' in 2012. Two years later, subject is having a relapse with 'Black Storm of Violence', which analysis concludes that subject's expressional proclivities include bonesaw guitars, punishing rhythms, bombastic keyboards, revoltingly inhuman vocals, and an orgiastic array of ghastly samples. Warning: RAGE NUCLEAIRE is extremely dangerous and maybe harmful to others.

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