1969 Was Fine

…But 666 Is Alright

Artist: 1969 Was Fine

Catalog Number: SOM199

Release Date: March 30th, 2009

  1. Vietnamsexbomb
  2. Living in the City
  3. Spiders 375 Necromancers
  4. Bloodstone
  5. La Muerte Hotel
  6. Right to Riot (2k6 song)
  7. Freewheelin'
  8. A Psychosnake
  9. Altamont Baby
  10. Doctor Doom
  11. Altamont Baby (alternate mix)

1969 WAS FINE was created as a PUNISH YOURSELF – the wild bunch of glow-in-the-dark industrial zombies who deliver a total assault on the senses with heavy electronic beats and visual mayhem - side-project, featuring the four PY members plus their tour-manager Polo on bass and Cyril Laurent on saxophone, who also played as a guest with PY. A family story, then… Basically, the band was born from a simple desire: being able to play loud fast warped rock n' roll / afterpunk, with no make-up, light show or complicated electronics. Being long-time MOTÖRHEAD, ALIEN SEX FIEND or ZODIAC MINDWARP fans, 1969 WAS FINE have no trouble in writing songs in that direction and like to include space-rock and psychedelic elements in their sound (think HAWKWIND and CHROME), free-jazz tints (in THE STOOGES or MC5 mood) and also some tribal doom patterns in the NEUROSIS tradition. "Our music stands somewhere between BIRTHDAY PARTY and SUICIDE, MONSTER MAGNET and JOY DIVISION, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT and FOETUS, while our lyrics pay a heavy tribute to rock n' roll cult idols like JOHNNY THUNDERS, STIV BATORS or LA MUERTE", the band state. You get the picture, 1969 WAS FINE will blast your head off with the release of their debut album "…But 666 Is Alright!". Turn on, tune in, drop dead!

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