Artist: Miscreance

Catalog Number: SOM765

Release Date: May 19th, 2023

  1. Flame of Consciousness
  2. Fall Apart
  3. Incubo
  4. No Empathy
  5. The Garden
  6. Alchemy
  7. My Internment
  8. Requiem for Sanity

Though many have tried, few bands have successfully replicated the mind-bending technical death metal formula that was established during the genre’s advent by the Godfathers of DEATH. That is until Italy’s MISCREANCE entered the ring in 2022 with its debut full-length, ‘Convergence.’ Unlike the genre’s contemporaries who are known for speed and extremity, MISCREANCE’s artistry lies within its carefully executed precision, underscoring the focused discipline behind the music’s eloquent complexities.

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