Darkness Silence Mirror Flame

Artist: Nite

Catalog Number: SOM593

Release Date: October 27th, 2023

  1. Genesis (5:02)
  2. The Way (06:21)
  3. Lucifer (05:14)
  4. Ezelia (05:50)
  5. Night Terrors (06:34)
  6. Chains (04:56)
  7. Bright (05:19)
  8. Acolytes (06:54)

NITE carry the torch of Bay Area heavy metal with pride. Their debut album appeals to old metalheads and nu-comers alike. ‘Darkness Silence Mirror Flame’ burns with the bright, arena-rocking melodies of NWOBHM, while Van Labrakis’ sinister snarl gives those tasty, old-time riffs a nice, blackened char. ‘Darkness Silence Mirror Flame’ is now available for the first time through Season of Mist. Order it on CD Digipak, black or ash grey vinyl, or as a digital download.

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