Brutal Truth

For the Ugly and Unwanted: This Is Grindcore

Artist: Brutal Truth

Catalog Number: SOM207

Release Date: June 22nd, 2009

  1. Dementia
  2. K.A.P
  3. Vision
  4. Blind Leading The Blind
  5. Pass Some Down
  6. Let's Go To War
  7. Godplayer
  8. Turnface
  9. Choice Of A New Generation
  10. Birth Of Ignorance
  11. Stench Of Profit
  12. Sisterfucker
  13. Fucktoy
  14. Sympathy Kiss
  15. Pork Farm
  16. Everflow
  17. Kill Trend Suicide
  18. Jiminez Cricket
  19. Walking Corpse
  20. Collateral Damage
  21. Time
  22. Fisting
  23. Hypocrite
  24. Invasion
  25. Foolish Bastard
  26. Displacement

When BRUTAL TRUTH announced their comeback at the end of 2006 a collective sigh of relief went through the Grindcore community. The legend was back. Founded by prolific ex-ANTHRAX, S.O.D and NUCLEAR ASSAULT bassist Danny Lilker in 1990 the New York extremists quickly gained an excellent reputation worldwide and a large following within the Core and Metal scenes alike. In the US alone BRUTAL TRUTH sold over a 150.000 copies of their four albums and several EP's. Several tours around the globe helped the band to establish an even larger fanbase. Therefore it came as a shock, when the Americans decided to disband in 1999 in order to follow other musical paths. In 2001 were posthumously awarded a Guinness Book of Records entry for "Shortest Music Video" for their clip "Collateral Damage". As soon as BRUTAL TRUTH returned to life, they were picked up by prestigious festivals and tours, leading to high expectations for new material. With their fifth album coming up as well, "For the Ugly and Unwanted: This is Grindcore" features a five camera angle, complete career spanning live performance and classic footage as a bonus. Old and new fans finally can lay their hands on a live DVD: beat the rush and get it now!

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