Goat Torment

Forked Tongues

Artist: Goat Torment

Catalog Number: SUA124

Release Date: October 29th, 2021

  1. Pantheon Of Devourment
  2. Disorder And Disruption
  3. Cursed
  4. Forked Tongues
  5. The Road To Oblivion
  6. Profanation
  7. Deceitful Faith
  8. Ravenous Ghouls
  9. Charnel Houses

The black metal crusaders in GOAT TORMENT return with 'Forked Tongues,' their first new album in over 6 years. A blast furnace of primal satanic fury, the album itself delivers a savage onslaught. Ultraheavy darkening passages only serve to temper the relentless blasting speed. 'Forked Tongues' is musical punishment writ large, and sounds as if forged in the crucible of hell.

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