Live in Holland

Artist: Macabre

Catalog Number: SOM129

Release Date: June 19th, 2006

  1. Zodiac
  2. Jack the ripper
  3. Serial Killer
  4. The Wustenfeld Man Eater
  5. Dog Guts
  6. Fritz Haarman der Metzger
  7. Comming to Chicago
  8. The Vampire of Dusseldorf
  9. Acid Bath Vampire
  10. Ed Gein
  11. Dr.Holmes
  12. Fatal Foot Fetish
  13. The Diary of Torture

In celebration of this murderous band's 20th Anniversary, comes their DVD Debut! Containing multi camera footage shot on the "Murder Metal" tour at the Bibelot in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, this DVD covers the long history of MACABRE's murderous music. Witness true stories of killing and mayhem from their "Grim Reality", "Gloom", "Sinister Slaughter", "Dahmer" and "Murder Metal" releases! MACABRE fans are going to kill to see this!

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