Wrath of Logarius

Necrotic Assimilation

Artist: Wrath of Logarius

Catalog Number: SOM792DIG

Release Date: December 8th, 2023

    Necrotic Assimilation

  1. At The Nighted Throne (1:47)
  2. Swarm (3:37)
  3. The Burning One (4:04)
  4. I, The Void Dweller (1:19)
  5. Soul Ascension (4:13)
  6. Beyond the Last Gate (4:26)

Back in 2021, a skeletal trio crawled out from the misty forests of Northern California. Named in honor of the bloodthirsty executioner, Wrath of Logarius set out to carve a fresh and treacherous path through the world of extreme music. In their wake comes a brutal, blackened and ghoulishly melodic new subgenre: Formless Black Metal. So what exactly is formless black metal? A mountainous slop of human flesh...an amalgamation of ever-changing eyes, fangs and bone. That description comes straight from the rotten mouth of  ‘Necrotic Assimilation’. And while awfully unsettling, it also hits the nail right through a demon’s skull. This EP writhes between several dark and twisted subgenres: black, brutal death, even melodic post-metal — often over the course of one song. “The Burning One” fans into a blaze of mournful tremolo before snapping back into a blast beat that blisters under the legendary heels of Lord Marco.

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