Crippled Black Phoenix

Painful Reminder / Dead is Dead

Artist: Crippled Black Phoenix

Catalog Number: SOM626EP

Release Date: July 16th, 2021

  1. Painful Reminder
  2. Dead is Dead

734 years of confusion has made up the historic legacy of CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX. Much has been written and even more has been speculated incorrectly, such is the mystique that surrounds the band. So, let’s cut all the blurb and jump straight from 2004, the beginning of the story, to 2021. The present finds CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX in a good place, a familiar place but also a different one. Now consisting of founder, multi-instrumentalist and composer Justin Greaves. Vocalist/lyricist Belinda Kordic. Piano, trumpet & synth player Helen Stanley and guitarist Andy Taylor. This core of the band are now also joined by vocalist/lyricist Joel Segerstedt. After recording the critically acclaimed mini-album “Ellengæst” with various friends joining Belinda on vocal duties, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX then focused on finding the right guy to join them as a vocalist.

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