Abysmal Dawn


Artist: Abysmal Dawn

Catalog Number: SOM446

Release Date: April 17th, 2020

  1. Mundane Existence
  2. The Path of The Totalitarian
  3. Hedonistic
  4. A Speck in The Fabric of Eternity
  5. Coerced Evolution
  6. True to The Blind
  7. Soul-Sick Nation
  8. The Lament Configuration
  9. Flattening of Emotions (DEATH cover)

American death metal masters ABYSMAL DAWN are back! After a six-year gap, the Los Angeles-based outfit and Season of Mist hereby present 'Phylogenesis'. From the darkest depths, they prevailed, heralding a new chapter in the group's storied history. Conceptually, 'Phylogenesis' deals with the breakdown of social constructs humans have built over time. The album title is defined by the evolution (or diversification) of a species. So, 'Phylogenesis' is an ironic take on guitarist / vocalist Charles Elliott's observations, particularly how social media has accelerated and exacerbated the de-evolution of humanity's interactive abilities.

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