Artist: Eihwar

Catalog Number: SOM798DIG

Release Date: December 4th, 2023


  1. Berserkr
  2. Fenrir
  3. Ragnarök
  4. Ragnar's Last Raid
  5. Skajdmö
  6. The Feast of Thor
  7. The Forge
  8. The New Vikings
  9. Valhalla
  10. Yggdrasil's Renewal

Emerging from the depths of France's lush forests, EIHWAR, a mysterious Viking duo, have seized the digital realm and resonated powerfully through European venues, presenting their unique blend of 'Viking War Trance'— This musical alchemy, accompanied by an irresistibly dance-able rhythm, beckons listeners into a trance of its own. The saga debuts with 'Ragnarök,' a compilation of 10 tracks that unveil the depths of EIHWAR's Viking spirit. The compositions present an extraordinary fusion of pagan war songs, resonant drumbeats, and the eloquence of woodwinds and strings. A tribal journey that captivates the senses and stirs the warrior spirit within.

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