Artist: Arkan

Catalog Number: SOM235

Release Date: April 18th, 2011

  1. Origins
  2. Inner Slaves
  3. Deus Vult (feat. Kobi Farhi)
  4. Blind Devotion
  5. Jerusalem - Sufferpolis
  6. Beyond Sacred Rules
  7. Common Ground
  8. Sweet Opium
  9. Salam
  10. Call From Within
  11. Lightened Heart
  12. The Eight Doors Of Jannah
  13. Amaloun Jadid II

A whirlwind of percussion and the magical sound of ancient oriental string instruments lead into a crushing riff of deadly electric guitars. Thus opens "Salam" ("Peace") the second album of ARKAN – founded by Foued Moukid, former drummer of the sadly demised THE OLD DEAD TREE. Their debut "Hilal" (2008) received high praise for its originality by critics and fans alike and it came with perfect timing. Oriental Metal strongly gains in popularity as the success of MELECHESH and ORPHANED LAND clearly shows. After ARKAN toured with the latter, its vocalist Kobi Farhi became a fan and agreed to contribute guest vocals on "Salam". ARKAN balance deep growls with the beautiful clear voice of Sarah Layssac. Boosted by the excellent production from Fredrik Nordström (IN FLAMES, DIMMU BORGIR) "Salam" lets you experience the mystical force of the Maghreb ("Place of Sunset") clad in the powerful sound of modern Metal!

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