Dead Shape Figure

The Grand Karoshi

Artist: Dead Shape Figure

Catalog Number: SOM175

Release Date: May 19th, 2008

  1. Intro
  2. Blades
  3. Lesser the Man
  4. Bend the Weak
  5. Remington Lucifer
  6. Fight against, lie behalf
  7. Blithering Icon
  8. Karõshi/From Contempt to Oblivion
  9. 6 x 9
  10. Perinde Ac Cadaver

These Finnish youngsters are setting out to conquer the world. Modern thrash meets melodic northern death metal. DEAD SHAPE FIGURE are fresh off the main support slot of the extensive CHIMAIRA European tour, where they not only managed to impress bands and crews alike with their professional attitude, but also took their audiences by storm. Their obvious talent and musical prowess landed DEAD SHAPE FIGURE the aforementioned opening slot on the strength of a demo alone. Now their debut, "The Grand Karoshi", arrives with a much more powerful sound and an outstanding song-writing. Thrash-maniacs should await "The Grand Karoshi" with baited breath!

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