Ava Inferi

The Silhouette

Artist: Ava Inferi

Catalog Number: SOM167

Release Date: October 15th, 2007

  1. Danca das Ondas
  2. Viola
  3. The Abandoned
  4. Oathbound
  5. The Dual Keys
  6. Wonders of Dusk
  7. La stanza nera
  8. Grin of Winter
  9. Pulse of the Earth

AVA INFERI, created by guitarist and songwriter Rune Eriksen (aka Blasphemer, MAYHEM), released their critically acclaimed debut "Burdens" early 2006. Their new and stunning platter "The Silhouette" offers the listener a new journey. Carried away by the doomsday-laden riffs, haunting melodies and fado-like passages, "The Silhouette" brings you to cities in grief and weeping oceans. Carmen's female voices are by far the strongest and most passionate ever recorded in the doom-gothic genre!

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