Twelfth Gate

Threshold of Revelation

Artist: Twelfth Gate

Catalog Number: SOM125

Release Date: March 20th, 2006

  1. Loyal
  2. Critical Elements
  3. Inner Core
  4. Delving Too Deep
  5. Human Swine
  6. Black Robe
  7. Branded
  8. Together Divided
  9. Face Within A Face
  10. Come Alive

TWELFTH GATE's sophomore release, "Threshold of Revelation" is sure to elevate the Chicago band to a higher level on the metal mountain ! While maintaining their traditional metal influences, the band craft a style that is a progression for both thrash and power metal alike ! Intricate, fluid guitar, matched with a bunker busting rhythm section set, the perfect stage for the powerful and melodic vocals contained herein. Sure to appeal to fans of NEVERMORE, FATES WARNING, SYMPHONY X, QUEENSRYCHE, ICED EARTH and IRON MAIDEN !

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