CNK, the

Ultraviolence Über Alles

Artist: CNK, the

Catalog Number: SOM215

Release Date: November 16th, 2009

  1. Political Police
  2. Jim Beamed Ahnenerbe TV
  3. L.K. Nosferat
  4. Kommando '96
  5. Apology
  6. Get a Gun - Shoot at Random
  7. Love Game Over
  8. Bunkermoon Khaos IIIBonus tracks:
  9. Political Police (LOWER 48)
  10. Jim Beamed Dum-Dum Khaos (TAMTRUM)
  11. L.K. Nosferat Enjoy Crash Mix (MOMIE)
  12. (We don't care about) Kommando '96 (HERRSCHAFT)
  13. Apology (HELEL)
  14. Get a Gun, Shoot at Random (BLACKRAIN)
  15. Love Game Over (VARSOVIE)
  16. Bunkermoon Total War Mix (HIV+)

In 2007, THE COSA NOSTRA KLUB released their sophomore album "L'Hymne à la Joie" on Season of Mist. Five years earlier, these politically incorrect activists unleashed the bombastic debut "Ultraviolence Über Alles" to critical acclaim, under the COUNT NOSFERATU KOMMANDO moniker. In response to popular demand, this much sought-after Dark Electro / Indus Metal gem is finally re-released in a totally revamped edition aptly entitled "Ultraviolence Über Alles – Übercharged Edition"! Supervised by band leader Nicolas St Morand, aka Mr Hreidmarr, and remastered by Neb Xort (both of ANOREXIA NERVOSA fame), the reissue includes eight bonus tracks, which is no less than the whole album covered or remixed by HERRSCHAFT, TAMTRUM, BLACKRAIN, HIV+, HELEL, VARSOVIE, LOWER 48 and MOMIE! Last but not least, "Ultraviolence Über Alles – Übercharged Edition" comes with a brand new artwork which perfectly embodies the band's philosophy: to shock narrow minds! Join back the Klub!

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