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Gorgoroth (Black Metal)




Norway 1992, GORGOROTH emerge intent on being one of the most uncompromising bands on earth. And they have succeeded.

The frothing demand for these now classics platters of darkness has been met. Previously only available on import status, these records exude a raw sound that harkens back to the origins of black metal. Never polished, and devoid of atmospheric overtones and female voices, the aggression of the band stays intact. GORGOROTH retain the feelings of hatred and desolation their souls exude.

Now at legendary status, Pentagram (1994), Antichrist (1996) and Under the Sign of Hell (1997) are re-issued through Season of Mist and lay to waste all usurpers to their throne of darkness! Repackaged in deluxe digipak, including Infernus guitar pick and CD-ROM tracks and re-mastered (@ Turtletone Studios in New York, USA) for the first time, hell has never sounded more vicious. The dawn of GORGOROTH again sends a splinter of darkness into the fast growing "commercial" metal climate. Only the "true" shall not fear!




Name Instrument
Pest Vocals (Under the sign of hell, Antichrist)
Hat Vocals (Antichrist, Pentagram)
Infernus Guitars and Bass (Under the sign of hell, Antichrist, Pentagram)
Ares Bass on &evelation of Doom& (Under the sign of hell)
Samoth Bass (Pentagram)
Grim Drums (Under the sign of hell)
Frost Drums (Antichrist)
Goatpervertor Drums (Pentagram)

Releases Season of Mist


Under the Sign of Hell

General information
: Mon, Jan 10 2005
: Black Metal
: SOM097
: available



General information
: Mon, Jan 10 2005
: Black Metal
: SOM096
: available



General information
: Mon, Jan 10 2005
: Black Metal
: SOM095
: available
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