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Bloodthorn (Black Metal)



Being spawned to life in 92/93 by Tom, BLOODTHORN were for the first year a solo project presenting grim and primitive, yet atmospheric Black Metal. No releases occurred during that period, and it was when Krell joined Tom and brought his vocals onslaught that the wheel started turning. The first official demo, "Natteskyggen", was released in 96.

Hereafter Tom and Krell completed the line up with Knarr, Geir Mikael and Christine to record the debut "In the Shadow of Your Black Wings". And two more members joined, Kai and Herald. Soon after, BLOODTHORN recorded 4 songs for the split WAR I with label mates ...AND OCEANS. This was the first recording of BLOODTHORN as a seven-headed band.

BLOODTHORN played several shows and then started working on their second full-length, entitled "Onwards into Battle". The lyrics are part of an ongoing story surrounding the Tower Bloodthorn, and a huge battle, whereof the title. The band took 4 weeks to record the album in Studio Mega in Sweden. "Onwards into Battle" carries the band back to the dark atmospheres of the debut, but with a new approach, bringing in a more brutal and energy-filled sound. Steadily growing in darkness and intensity, the 50 minutes long album builds up to the final holocaust in the 11 minutes long opus "The Brighter the Light, the Darker the Shadow".


Name Instrument
Christine vocals
Geir Mikael keyboards
Kai lead guitar
Knarr drums
Krell vocals
Herals bass
Tom guitar

Releases Season of Mist


Collateral Damage - Complete War Series

General information
: Tue, Oct 21 2003
: Various
: SOM081
: US and Canada only


Onwards into Battle

General information
: Fri, Jan 01 1999
: Atmospheric Black Metal
: SOM018
: available


War series Vol. I

General information
: Sat, Aug 01 1998
: Black Metal
: SOM011
: available


In The Shadow of Your Black Wings

General information
: Wed, Jan 01 1997
: Atmospheric Black Metal
: SOM006
: not available
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