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Latest news: Tue, Sep 10 2019, FOSCOR

Latest release: "Els Sepulcres Blancs"

Release date: Fri, Sep 06 2019, US Fri, Sep 06 2019

Catalan atmospheric metal band FOSCOR have premiered their entire new album 'Els Sepulcres Blancs', which has been released on September 6.

Listen to the full album below via the official Season of Mist Youtube Channel HERE.

FOSCOR comment on the full album stream: "We have finally reached the moment of truth, and ours is the privilege of sharing which probably is the most thrilling and emotional album we have been able to create in our entire career.

As hard as it is to describe it (tragic might be the best fitting adjective), be now witnesses and judge on your own. We have tried to reach the most intense and delicate album possible, where music might speak loud to the world, from intimacy in a new form of dialogue.Visual things must acquire a new secret appearance.

Listen, taste it with calm and hopefully enjoy! Share it if you like it and let us know what you think of it! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to all the people involved. May darkness be tragic".

The artwork and track-list of 'Els Sepulcres Blancs' can be viewed below.



  1. Laments
  2. Els Colors del Silenci
  3. Malson
  4. Secrets
  5. Cel Rogent
  6. Cançó de Mort
  7. L'Esglai

10 Oct 19 Barcelona (ES) AMFest 2019
30 Nov 19 Brighton (UK) Riffmass 2019

'Els Sepulcres Blancs' can be ordered in the Season of Mist shop in various formats.

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The Catalans return with the second chapter of the trilogy initiated with “Les Irreals Visions” in 2017, yet strongly connected to the fin de siècle cultural movement of Modernisme - a parallel development to Art Nouveau and Jugendstil among others. Visual things must acquire a new secret appearance, and with ‘Els Sepulcres Blancs’ FOSCOR treats poetically how facing a change of a sick world and society through the land of dreams.

The title translates as “The White Tombs”, a metaphor for that world of dreams and expectations where humans chained to reality may die and born free to imagine a better one.

FOSCOR hail from Catalonia, and take inspiration from the morbid, decadent, and sick reflections on a rapidly changing society, as the artistic landscape at the end of the nineteenth century shaped.

The name FOSCOR translates as "darkness" in their native Catalan tongue, which the band from Barcelona uses for their lyrics as a distinctive element and strong connection with their cultural reality.

The Catalans’ first two albums, 'Entrance to the Shadows' Village' (2004), 'The Smile of the Sad Ones' (2007) wrapped a shroud of classic second wave black metal around a melancholic yet vital core. 'Groans to the Guilty' (2009) witnessed FOSCOR setting out towards more progressive and avant-garde course, but it was next full-length 'Those Horrors Wither' (2014) which marked a clear departure from the black metal. Darkness found an equally strong expression through the use of very personal clean vocals, tempo reduction and atmosphere.

In 2017, FOSCOR took another step in their constantly changing and shifting evolution. The brand new release 'Les Irreals Visions' (2017) was easily drawing its eager audience in, only to lure the unwary listener into a dark labyrinth of unexpected complexity filled with beauty and sorrow. In 2018, FOSCOR explored these lines between reality, poetry and the beyond even further with a special digital release transforming their own music into a so intimate experience; 'Les Irreals Versions' (2018).

Now, 2019 promises to be as tragic as their music claims with the so sensitive release of 'Els Sepulcres Blancs', its characteristic melancholic sonic aura and catchy riffing intensity. Their most personal and delicate sound achievement to date.


Name Instrument
J. bass, vocals
Fiar lyrics & vocals
Falke guitar & effects
A.M. guitars, bass & piano
J.F. drums (studio)

Releases Season of Mist


Els Sepulcres Blancs

General information
: Fri, Sep 06 2019
: Fri, Sep 06 2019
: Dark Atmospheric Metal
: SOM523
: available


Les Irreals Versions

General information
: Fri, Aug 24 2018
: Fri, Aug 24 2018
: Dark atmospheric metal
: SOM1010DE
: available


Les Irreals Visions

General information
: Fri, Jun 09 2017
: Fri, Jun 09 2017
: Dark Atmospheric Metal
: SOM420
: available




Tour dates

Date Country Town Venue Other information
Thu, Oct 10 2019 ES Barcelona AMFest 2019
Sat, Nov 30 2019 UK Brighton Riffmass 2019
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