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Shining (Black metal)


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Latest news: Fri, Aug 19 2016, SHINING

Latest release: "IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends"

Release date: Mon, Apr 20 2015, US Tue, Apr 21 2015

Controversial Swedish black metallers SHINING have kicked off their first-ever US tour on the 11th of August in Houston, Texas. The trek sees the band performing alongside BELPHEGOR, ORIGIN and ABIGAIL WILLIAMS. A full list of remaining tour dates can be found below.

Shining admat

SHINING US tour dates
19 Aug 16 Oakland, CA (US) Oakland Metro
20 Aug 16 Portland, OR (US) Star Theater
21 Aug 16 Vancouver, BC (US) Rickshaw Theatre
22 Aug 16 Seattle, WA (US) Studio Seven
24 Aug 16 Minneapolis, MN (US) Triple Rock
25 Aug 16 Kansas City, MO (US) The Riot Room
26 Aug 16 Cave-in-Rock, IL (US) Full Metal Assault
27 Aug 16 Dayton, OH (US) Oddbody's
28 Aug 16 Chicago, IL (US) Reggie's
30 Aug 16 Quebec City, QC (US) Salle Multi
31 Aug 16 New York, NY (US) Gramercy Theatre

SHINING are touring in support of their latest album, 'IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends'. The album is out now and streaming here. Cover artwork and tracklist are shown below.



  1. Den Påtvingade Tvåsamheten
  2. Vilja & Dröm
  3. Framtidsutsikter
  4. Människotankens Vägglösa Rum
  5. Inga Broar Kvar Att Bränna
  6. Besök Från I(ho)nom

SHINING previously released a video for the track "Vilja & Dröm". The NSFW Martin Strandberg-directed video is still streaming at No Clean Singing.


Current line-up
Niklas Kvarforth: vocals
Peter Huss: guitars
Euge Valovirta: guitars
Jarle "Uruz" Byberg: drums

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SHINING is more than just a band. In fact each release, every concert and interview becomes a bloody battleground, on which Niklas Kvarforth struggles with his inner demons. The frontman and only remaining original member has never been shy to let the world know about his mental afflictions, which seem to complement or even spark his outstanding talent as a composer and musician. His ninth album, 'IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends' is another excellent example of Niklas' genius. Reaching back to their black metal roots, SHINING simultaneously melt eclectic influences from progressive rock, jazz, even pop and more into deeply emotional laments from the dark side of the soul. Niklas’ vocals come in an even greater variety of expressions which few would suspect in a singer coming from the extreme metal scene. Moments of pain and confusion turn into insane outbursts of anger. Despair shifts into melancholy and an eerie sense of timeless beauty permeates all. Lacking any tolerance for false tuning, technical flaws and lack of ambition, Niklas has literally beaten any weakness out of his band, which demonstrates its remarkable prowess far beyond any average on this record. Founded in 1996 by Kvarforth, SHINING self-released 'Submit to Self-Destruction' in 1998 and spawned the term "suicidal black metal" with this debut 7". A couple years after first full-length 'I - Within Deep Dark Chambers' (2000) and sophomore album 'II - Livets Ändhållplats' (2001) had cut deep marks into the underground scene, Niklas replaced his whole crew and started a continuous cycle of changing his line-up. With MAYHEM drummer Hellhammer on board, 'III - Angst' (2003) and 'IV - The Eerie Cold' (2005) began to gather major metal press attention. SHINING then focused on bringing their vision and often controversially received live performances to Europe. Yet Kvarforth's mental health led to cancelled tours, physical and psychological fights within the band, and finally a break-up. Not content to let things rest after the breakdown, the restless singer returned with new members and the massively successful album 'V – Halmstad' (2007). SHINING had reached headliner status and toured with big acts such as SATYRICON and MAYHEM. Several line-up changes later, the Swede once again entered studio and recorded two albums in one session. 'VI – Klagopsalmer' was released in 2009 and two years later 'VII - Född Förlorare' darkened the light of day. The band also received their first gold disc for the single 'Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel' in Sweden. After rotating more musicians in and out, SHINING returned with ‘Redefining Darkness’ (2012) and a less aggressive, yet more sinister sound. Before signing to Season of Mist, the band released the project '8 ½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd', which featured six of Kvarforth's favourite vocalists. In August 2014, SHINING entered Andy LaRocque's Sonic Train Studios to record their ninth album. 'IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends' is the sum of Niklas Kvarforth's musical evolution and experience so far. And while nobody expects the Swede to deliver a record to booze and sing along to, the charged word "art" enters the mind unbidden. This masterpiece should interest lovers of music far beyond the narrow confines of extreme metal. Plug your headphones in and find out for yourself!


Name Instrument
Niklas Kvarforth Vocals
Rainer Tuomikanto Drums
Christian Larsson Bass
Euge Valovirta Guitars
Peter Huss Guitars

Releases Season of Mist


IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends

General information
: Mon, Apr 20 2015
: Tue, Apr 21 2015
: Suicidal Metal
: SOM350
: available


VI – Klagopsalmer

General information
: Tue, Feb 09 2010
: Black Metal
: SOM724
: US and Canada only

Tour dates

Date Country Town Venue Other information
Wed, Aug 24 2016 US Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock +Belphegor, Origin, Abigail Williams
Thu, Aug 25 2016 US Kansas City, MO The Riot Room +Belphegor, Origin, Abigail Williams
Fri, Aug 26 2016 US Cave-in-Rock, IL Full Metal Assault +Belphegor, Origin, Abigail Williams
Sat, Aug 27 2016 US Dayton, OH Oddbody's +Belphegor, Origin, Abigail Williams
Sun, Aug 28 2016 US Chicago, IL Reggie's +Belphegor, Origin, Abigail Williams
Tue, Aug 30 2016 US Quebec City, QC Salle Multi +Belphegor, Origin, Abigail Williams
Wed, Aug 31 2016 US New York, NY Gramercy Theatre +Belphegor, Origin, Abigail Williams
Fri, Dec 02 2016 DE Berlin TBA +Taake
Sat, Dec 03 2016 NL Leeuwarden Neushoorn Into Darkness Festival
Sun, Dec 04 2016 UK London Underworld +Taake
Thu, Dec 08 2016 LU Esch-sur-Alzette Kulturfabrik +Taake
Fri, Dec 09 2016 DE Bochum Matrix +Taake
Sat, Dec 10 2016 DE München Backstage +Taake
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