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Latest news: Tue, Sep 11 2018, VREID

Upcoming release: "Lifehunger"

Release date: Fri, Sep 28 2018, US Fri, Sep 28 2018

Norwegian black 'n roll masters VREID have unleashed the third track from their upcoming album 'Lifehunger'. The record is slated for worldwide release on September 28, 2018. Listen to the song "One Hundred Years" via one of the official partners below.

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Dark Art Conspiracy (FI)
Blastbeast (DK)
Rock Hard (DE)
Distorted Sound Mag (UK)
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Metalitalia (IT)
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Subterraneo Webzine (ES)
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On the track, mastermind Hváll comments: "Soon we can finally unleash 'Lifehunger'. We are so damn satisfied and proud of this album. Thank you for the fantastic response to the first 2 singles. There is much more to come, the album has a lot of variations with instrumentals, a very different track in "Hello Darkness" with Addi from SÓLSTAFIR on guest vocals and some brutal stuff of course. But now we present you what I think is one of the absolute highlights of the album. The song "One hundred years" is one of these songs that you create in your career where you feel that every piece of the puzzle fits, and everything just adds up. It's hard do describe it, and frankly the magic of music can never be described so I won't even try. I've had this feeling a few times before with songs such as "Pitch Black" and "Solverv" to name a few, and this is the feeling I always chase as a composer. Lyrically this song is completely inspired by the words and the myth of the spectacular Knut Hamsun. Some things are eternally."

*NRK P13 premiered "One Hundred Years" in the radio show Stjernepose. Skip to 01:45:00 to hear the track.



  1. Flowers & Blood
  2. One Hundred Years
  3. Lifehunger
  4. The Dead White
  5. Hello Darkness
  6. Black Rites in the Black Nights
  7. Sokrates Must Die
  8. Heimatt

'Lifehunger' can be pre-ordered in the Season of Mist shop.

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VREID were formed in 2004. The Norwegian metal brigade rose from the ashes of WINDIR after the tragic perishing of the "Sognametal" legends with the declared mission of exploring new musical paths.

The Norsemen proved true to their words and have so far delivered 7 albums and one DVD, which each received high praise from critics and fans alike. VREID chose a course of constant evolution that is marked by thematically denoted phases regarding their often historically inspired lyrics.

This became particularly clear with albums 'I Krig' (2007) and 'Milorg' (2009), which both revolved around concepts dealing with resistance and liberation of Norway during World War II. With their following three records, VREID returned to their Norse roots, especially on latest full-length, 'Sólverv' which received high critical acclaim in 2015.

VREID have hammered out their success partly by being a heavily touring band. The four-piece performed more than 500 shows in 25 countries so far. Their everlasting march to conquer new territories has led the Norwegians to headline tours in Europe, North America, Japan, and India.

VREID's style is often referred to as black 'n roll and Metal Hammer UK described their music as "a unique time travel in metal" as elements of 70's rock, 80's classic metal, and Norwegian black metal are all clearly audible.

Now with eighth album 'Lifehunger', black 'n roll is back! With eight brand new tracks, VREID are ready for the next chapter.


Name Instrument
Sture vocals & guitar
Strom guitar
Steingrim drums
Hváll bass & keys

Releases Season of Mist



General information
: Fri, Sep 28 2018
: Fri, Sep 28 2018
: Black 'n roll
: SOM488




Tour dates

Date Country Town Venue Other information
Sat, Nov 03 2018 NO Oslo Parkteateret +Enslaved +Gaahls Wyrd
Thu, Nov 15 2018 NO Hamar Gregers +Enslaved +Gaahls Wyrd
Fri, Nov 23 2018 NO Kristiansand Kick +Enslaved +Gaahls Wyrd
Sat, Nov 24 2018 NO Stavanger Folken +Enslaved +Gaahls Wyrd
Fri, Nov 30 2018 NO Bergen USF Verftet +Enslaved +Gaahls Wyrd
Sat, Dec 01 2018 NO Trondheim Byscenen +Enslaved +Gaahls Wyrd
Wed, Dec 05 2018 NL Leeuwarden Neushoorn + Kalmah + Slegest
Thu, Dec 06 2018 NL Arnhem Willemeen + Kalmah + Slegest
Sun, Dec 09 2018 FR Nantes Ferrailleur + Kalmah + Slegest
Mon, Dec 10 2018 FR Paris Backstage + Kalmah + Slegest
Tue, Dec 11 2018 CH Wil Gare de Lion + Kalmah + Slegest
Wed, Dec 12 2018 DE Munich Backstage + Kalmah + Slegest
Thu, Dec 13 2018 SK Banská Bystrica Rock Club Tartaros + Kalmah + Slegest
Fri, Dec 14 2018 HU Budapest Dürer 041 + Kalmah + Slegest
Sat, Dec 15 2018 DE Zwickau Club Seilerstraße + Kalmah + Slegest
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