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Wed, Mar 06 2013: ARCKANUM

Latest release: "Fenris Kindir"

Release date: Fri, May 10 2013, US Tue, May 14 2013

Sweden’s ARCKANUM, one of the spearheads of traditional Black Metal, is back with a vengeance! Shamaatae’s eighth album is entitled ‘Fenris Kindir’ and will hit the stores on May 10th (May 14th in North America). Here are the cover artwork and tracklisting:



  1. Fenris Kindir Grúa
  2. Tungls Tjúgari
  3. Dólgrinn
  4. Hatarnir
  5. Hamrami
  6. Fenris Gangr
  7. Vargøld
  8. Angrboða
  9. Úskepna
  10. Spell
  11. Sólbøls Sigr

The LP editions will include a cover version of NECROMANTIA’s classic “Lycanthropia” as bonus track and will be available in three different colours: yellow, red, and black.

Pre-order all formats on Season of Mist’s e-shop!

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