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Wed, Mar 10 2010: CYNIC RE-DRAWN

Latest release: "Re-Traced"

Release date: Mon, May 17 2010, US Tue, May 18 2010

MP3 - CYNIC - Re-traced - King

"Re-Traced", CYNIC's upcoming EP made of four remakes of songs from the "Traced in Air" album, a previously unreleased track and a video, is set for a May 17th release. Here is the artwork and tracklisting:



  1. Space
  2. Evolutionary
  3. King
  4. Integral
  5. Wheels Within Wheels (download video)

Frontman Paul Masvidal comments: "The artwork on the EP takes Venosa's original song paintings from the 'Traced in Air' booklet and reinterprets them by extracting the basic outlines, almost appearing as though they are etched in wood. Travis Smith helped manifest these conceptions graphically. The idea was to have the 'tracing' of the original work in tact, so it almost morphs into a simple line drawing of the sculptural shapes found in Venosa's work. The end result appears like unearthed, archival etchings from an alien planet."

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