atmospheric black metal - Poland

Misanthur Band

The three prophets collected under the banner of MISANTHUR herald the fall and spiritual putridity of humanity by creating art resonating fully with pain, anxiety and degradation. Founded in Częstochowa, Poland in one night in 2015 by Hellscythe and Draugr, and after the joining of Dimin Bishop, MISANTHUR begun to take form.

Inspired by metal and non-metal genres, MISANTHUR merge trance percussion, earthbreaking bass, crushing guitars and hellish vocals with (post)apocalyptic ambient landscapes and noise to create it’s own ouvre and paint the stories and scenery of mundane spiritual wasteland.

The only constant thing is change. The only sure thing is entropy.


  • HellScythe – Albert Paciulan : Guitars / Vocals / Synths, etc
  • Draugr – Damian Raksimowicz : Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals
  • Dimin Bishop – Damian Biskup : Drums / Drums Programming
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