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Sons Of Balaur Band

SONS OF BALAUR have come to life. Straight out of the highly acclaimed ‘Realm of the Damned’ graphic novel, this obviously fictional Norwegian band is actually delivering a remarkable first full-length. Yet while the graphic novel comes across as bloody as brutal, the biography of the demonically possessed maniacs is offered quite tongue-in-cheek as well as representing a respectful nod to the early Nordic black metal scene with its fanatic ideology and criminal record. In stark contrast to this, the musical intentions behind SONS OF BALAUR’s real-life debut album ‘Tenebris Deos’ should be taken very seriously.

Although the band is supposedly of Norwegian origin, the style of sound and the densely woven guitar-work of ‘Tenebris Deos’ clearly points towards an English back-ground with many cross-references to scene classics from BATHORY, CELTIC FROST, and VENOM to the second and even third generations on black metal.


  • Tomas : Vocals, guitar
  • Markus : Bass
  • Kristoffer : Guitar
  • Lars : Drums

This band is no longer active on Season of Mist.

Posted on September 2, 2016

Sons of Balaur are streaming the second blasphemous song taken from their forthcoming album ‘Tenebris Deos’ (out October 14). The track ‘Succubus Slut’ is exclusively streaming via the official media partners listed below.

Posted on July 26, 2016

SONS OF BALAUR have been featured in the ‘Realm Of The Damned’ graphic novel. The forces behind the book have now announced an animated motion version of ‘Realm Of The Damned’ that will feature the dark and disturbed voices of David Vincent (ex-MORBID ANGEL), Dani Filth (CRADLE OF FLITH), Jill Janus (HUNTRESS), and many more. A first trailer can be viewed here.

Posted on June 16, 2016

The notorious Norwegian black metal outfit SONS OF BALAUR arrived in the style at this week’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards in London! The highly acclaimed graphic novel ‘Realm of the Damned’ is rumoured to portray biographic events featuring SONS OF BALAUR. See below for an impression.

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