ABYSMAL DAWN Premiere New Song

Posted on February 26, 2020

More information about Phylogenesis

The Californian extreme metal stalwarts of ABYSMAL DAWN are now premiering the second brutal track of their long anticipated new full length ‘Phylogenesis’.

The new death metal offering will be released on April 17, 2020 via Season of Mist. “The Path of The Totalitarian” is now streaming in the form of a 3-D visualizer via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel HERE.

The cover artwork and tracklist of ‘Phylogenesis’ can be found below.

  1. Mundane Existence
  2. The Path of The Totalitarian
  3. Hedonistic
  4. A Speck in The Fabric of Eternity
  5. Coerced Evolution
  6. True to The Blind
  7. Soul-Sick Nation
  8. The Lament Configuration
  9. Flattening of Emotions (DEATH cover)

‘Phylogenesis’ is available for pre-ordering in the Season of Mist shop.

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