Benighted Announce New Album ‘Ekbom’

Posted on February 7, 2024

More information about Ekbom

BENIGHTED are ready to unleash the macabre as they announce their latest new album Ekbom. Pulsating with brutality, this new full-length studio album weaves a tale of psychological horror. The album alludes to Delusional Parasitosis, a syndrome in which individuals have a persistent belief of being infested with insects & bugs right under their skin.

A syndrome that is aptly represented on the album’s first single Scars. The song blasts straight into ultra-rapid riffs and Julien Truchan’s signature pig-squeal. While rhythmically impressive, Scars also displays Benighted ability to interlace their in-your-face style with clever drum breaks and harmonic passages. Creepy, gruesome and absolutely brutal, the band’s ready to absolutely melt faces once more.

The album was recorded at the famous Kohlekeller Studio in Germany. Known for recording albums by bands such as Powerwolf & Aborted, the studio and its engineer Kristian Kohlmannslehner gives Ekbom a perfect sound.

A skin-crawling music video, crafted by Kick Your Eye Productions accompanies the single which visually complements the track masterfully:

Ekbom is out April 12 on Season of Mist.


  1. Prodome
  2. Scars
  3. Morgue
  4. Le Vice des Entrailles
  5. Nothing Left to Fear
  6. Ekbom
  7. Metastasis
  8. A Reason for Treason
  9. Fame of the Grotesque
  10. Scapegoat
  11. Flesh against Flesh
  12. Mother Earth, Mother Whore
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