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Benighted Band

Madness reigns yet again! BENIGHTED deliver a new radical soundtrack to these savage times. ‘Obscene Repressed’ gives an extreme musical voice to the madness lurking within. Let your mind be shaken by BENIGHTED. In case of side effects, please see the surgeon…

BENIGHTED were spawned by members from French Death and Black metal bands DISHUMANIZED, DARKNESS FIRE, and OSGILIATH, who joined forces in 1998 for a more brutal, heavy and modern way of expression. When their first self-produced and self-titled full-length hit the streets in 2000, it immediately had a strong impact. This turned a side-project into a main act. A fast-growing fan base was built by a string of acclaimed albums: ‘Psychose’ (2002), ‘Insane Cephalic Production’ (2004), ‘Identisick’ (2006), and ‘Icon’ (2007) were all enthusiastically received.

After the releases of ‘Asylum Cave’ (2011) and ‘Carnivore Sublime’ (2014), the French sidestepped from the steadily growing complexity by recalibrating their sound along their roots ‘Necrobreed’ in 2017. After their 20th anniversary, it was time for BENIGHTED to capture the live madness on ‘Dogs Always Bite Harder Than Their Master’, which was released in 2018.

Now, with ‘Obscene Repressed’, BENIGHTED are ready to continue their razor-sharp journey, again revolving around the human psyche, showcasing the story of little Michael who often battles demons on account of the unresolved oedipal issues with his mother. Sheer brutality!


  • Julien Truchan : vocals
  • Emmanuel Dalle : guitars
  • Kevin Paradis : drums
  • Pierre Arnoux : bass, backing vocals
  • Fabien 'Fack' Desgardins : guitars
Date Venue City Country Info
February 17th, 2022 De Kreun Kortrijk Belgium +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
February 18th, 2022 Dynamo Eindhoven Netherlands +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
February 19th, 2022 Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht Netherlands +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
February 20th, 2022 MS Connexion Complex Mannheim Germany +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
February 22nd, 2022 Academy 3 Manchester United Kingdom +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
February 23rd, 2022 The Dome London United Kingdom +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
February 24th, 2022 Trabendo Paris France +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
February 25th, 2022 John Lennon Limoges France +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
February 26th, 2022 Grillen Colmar France +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
February 27th, 2022 CCO Villeurbanne Lyon France +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
March 1st, 2022 Totem Pamplona Spain +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
March 2nd, 2022 Hard Club Porto Portugal +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
March 3rd, 2022 AO Vivo Lisbon Portugal +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
March 4th, 2022 Shoko Madrid Spain +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
March 5th, 2022 Apolo 2 Barcelona Spain +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
March 6th, 2022 Le Rex Toulouse France +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
March 7th, 2022 Kiff Aarau Switzerland +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
March 8th, 2022 Slaughter Club Milano Italy +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
March 9th, 2022 Orto Bar Ljubljana Sierra Leone +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
March 10th, 2022 Szene Vienna Austria +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
March 11th, 2022 Dürer Kert Budapest Hungary +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
March 12th, 2022 Randal Club Bratislava Slovakia +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
March 13th, 2022 Meet Factory Prague Czech Republic +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
March 14th, 2022 Feierwerk Munich Germany +Aborted +The Acacia Strain +Fleddy Melculy
Posted on July 15, 2021

BENIGHTED is back with a brand new track ‘A Personified Evil’, containing special guest Francesco Paoli from FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE. The track can now be viewed via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel HERE and will be available tomorrow on all other digital platforms HERE.

Posted on December 15, 2020

BENIGHTED are now announcing new European tourdates for September and October 2021! The band will be supporting ABORTED during the first run of the ‘Hell Over Europe 4’ tour. A full list of confirmed shows can be found below.

Posted on August 19, 2020

Extreme French band BENIGHTED are now releasing a brand new track and video as part of a fundraiser campaign. The track ‘Serve to Deserve’ is now available for purchase on the band’s special bandcamp page HERE!

Posted on December 23, 2019

Extreme French metal outfit BENIGHTED are now unveiling the cover artwork and the track list of their long anticipated new full length “Obscene Repressed”. The new death grind offering will see the light on April 10, 2020 via Season of Mist. Please find the cover artwork and track-list below.

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