Carnation Bring Back Old-School Brutality on New Single

Posted on October 3, 2023

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‘Cursed Mortality’ casts Carnation in a deeper and darker light. The first four singles off the Belgian band’s new album experiment with gloomy synths, melodic leads, clean vocals and lyrics inspired by sci-fi classics and a real life horror story from WWII. Their new single “Cycle of Suffering” is a brutal reminder of why Carnation are at the forefront of the old-school death metal revival.

“A mere month separates us from the highly anticipated launch of ‘Cursed Mortality’,” says the band. “It is with great excitement that we present to you the premiere of the album’s last single ‘Cycle of Suffering'”.

Watch the thrillingly brutal performance video for “Cycle of Suffering”.

Video Credits:
Director: Panda Productions
Lights: Ronny Snels
Make-up: Jenske Szkudlarski

‘Cursed Mortality’ comes out November 3.


Simon Duson can make his voice sound big and beautiful. Just watch him belt and belch out one of the album’s earlier singles in one take. But there’s no clean singing on “Cycle of Suffering”. Instead, Duson busts out his most cavernous, ghastly death growl. The rest of the band also take inflicting maximum punishment deathly seriously, pumping the song full of thunderous double bass kicks and a squealing guitar solo that seizes the spotlight.

“‘Cycle of Suffering’ is a relentless track that expertly treads the line between commanding lead sections and thunderous rhythmic riffage,” says Carnation. “It’s an absolute blast to perform, which is why we gave it an energetic music video that focuses on our live performance. Undoubtedly, this track will end up in the set list of many of our future live shows”.

  1. Herald of Demise
  2. Maruta
  3. Metropolis
  4. Replicant
  5. Dutroux
  6. Submerged in Deafening Silence
  7. Cycle of Suffering
  8. Cursed Mortality
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