CHAOSTAR – Anomima – June 5, 2015

Posted on June 5, 2015

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CHAOSTAR, the musical brainchild of SEPTICFLESH composer Christos Antoniou are currently premiering a live video featuring a track taken from their artistically ambitious and yet acclaimed full-length ‘Anomima’ (2013). The clip for the song “Sorrow Descending” is now exclusively streaming via the official media partners below.

The “Sorrow Descending” video was filmed at the Fuzz Club in Athens, Greece in May 2014 by director Thodoris Vogiatzidis with his camera crew: Polymnia Papadopoulou-Sardeli, Stella Mouzi, and Apostolis Dakoulas. (DE)
Rocking (GR)
Kronos Mortus (HU)
Terrorizer (UK)

CHAOSTAR comment: “Anticipation exceeded our premiere anxiety and quickly transformed into joy, while we gave our best on stage. This clip is special for us as it is actually our first official live video. We sincerely hope that you can get an impression of the emotions and the vibe of the day coming through the screen. We also wish that we will grow old together, you and us, looking back at this video and retracing all those features that will have turned into ‘the good old days’ by that time. Until then we are pleased to announce that the new CHAOSTAR album is on its way and it will represent our blackest moment.”

‘Anomima’ is still available in various formats through the Season of Mist shop.

  1. 間 (MA)
  2. Un pensiero per il destino
  3. Sorrow Descending
  4. Medea
  5. Dilate the Time
  6. Les réminiscences extatiques
  7. Truth Will Prevail
  8. Όμορφη κόρη
  9. The Charmer
  10. L'idée fixe
  11. Misery’s King

CHAOSTAR is a musical child of love. This band has been born out of Christos Antoniou’s deep desire to create music that has a more Classical approach. The academy trained guitarist and composer, who achieved his studies of classical composition in London with honours and distinction, has already proved his exceptional talent with the amazing orchestral arrangements for SEPTICFLESH. Their latest work “The Great Mass” (2011) was rightly labelled by many critics as a masterpiece. When SEPTICFLESH released the single “The Eldest Cosmonaut” in 1998, this step towards Classical music inspired Christos to create CHAOSTAR in order to pursue this course further. Out of a timeless confrontation of different styles rose emotional music with vocalist Natalie Rassoulis adding a feminine side to the project. After a demo entitled “The Underworld” in 2000, CHAOSTAR released the albums “Chaostar” (2000), “Threnody” (2001), and “The Scarlet Queen” (2004), and the “Underworld” compilation (2007).

Parallel to SEPTICFLESH, Christos also revived CHAOSTAR after a self-imposed hiatus of both bands in 2008. The Greek mastermind set out as publicly announced with the intention to write an “opera” based concept on Euripides’ antique drama “Medea”. During the working process this idea changed although a song called “Medea” remains. The new theme of the album is based on the Greek word “Anomima”, which means “sin” with reference to “unapproved” action. This can be a revolutionary idea, provocative behavior or any door to freedom breaking the chains of taboo. As an example Christos likes to refer to Galileo Galilei facing death for speaking out scientific truth. The lyrics, which are mainly penned by amazing new singer Androniki Skoula, celebrate such lone stalwarts courageously following their hearts against dark adversaries. Musically “Anomima” brilliantly combines rich, classical orchestration, the celestial female vocals of Androniki, and lush soundscapes involving modern textures as well as even some elements of extreme music.

CHAOSTAR shift globally in influence, language, and structure. Moving from classically influenced pieces to Byzantine music, and even oriental sounds, “Anomima” is truly a standout piece of geographically unchained music that envelopes the listener in a dreamlike trance. As a fitting tribute to the composer’s Metal roots, outstanding vocalists Fernando Ribeiro of MOONSPELL and MORBID ANGEL’s David Vincent were invited to contribute as guests. CHAOSTAR chose substance over style. Listen!

Academic credits: Christos Antoniou studied composition at the London College of Music under the guidance of Martin Ellerby, head of the composition department. He acquired his Bachelor of Music in 1999 and one year later, he continued his studies in composition/orchestration and earned his Master’s Degree in concert music. Among his tutors was Adam Gorb, head of composition at the Royal Northern College of Music. Christos has worked with Orchestras from Greece, London, Slovakia and the Filmharmonic Orchestra and Choir of Prague. His new works will be presented in one of the most prestigious halls of Classical music, the theater of Kakoyannis, Athens.

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