DEVIANT PROCESS Shares Guitar Play-Through for “Emergence”

Posted on January 10, 2022

More information about Nurture

Canadian progressive metal rising stars DEVIANT PROCESS are now sharing the official guitar play-through for the song “Emergence,” which is taken from their brand new record, ‘Nurture!’ The video can be seen at THIS LOCATION.

DEVIANT PROCESS comments, “For those who were wondering what the hell is going on between the two guitars in our song ‘Emergence,’ here’s a play-through of Steph & JD performing the song at ‘La Boîte Noire Studio.'”

“For the next 47-minutes, the complexity never lets up. Jazz and metal and folky prog all swirling together in a head-spinning storm of sound.” – The Wire (UK) on ‘Nurture’

‘Nurture’ was released on October 15, 2021 and can be ordered, streamed, and downloaded HERE!


  1. In Worship, In Blood
  2. Emergence
  3. Asynchronous
  4. The Hammer Of Dogma
  5. Syrtis Magna
  6. Homo Homini Deus
  7. The Blessings Of Annihilation Infinite
  8. Cybervoid (Obliveon cover)



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