Goat Torment release second track of “Forked Tongues”

Posted on September 17, 2021

More information about Forked Tongues

The Belgian blackened death metal stalwarts of GOAT TORMENT are now releasing the second crushing track of their upcoming full length ‘Forked Tongues’! The new offering will be released upon the masses on October 29, 2021 and ‘Disorder and Disruption’ can already be heard via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel HERE.

GOAT TORMENT comments on the track: “Here is our second promo track from the new album. ‘Disorder and Disruption’ is the annihilation of everything while all worlds shake into one. The speaking tongues resonate through the bowels of the earth and through the dwelling eternal fires. The kingdom’s key has made its’ turn and barriers are torn apart!”

  1. Intro - Ach Golgotha
  2. Old Coffin Spirit
  3. Forest of N'Gai
  4. The mystical Meeting
  5. Gloria De Domino Inferni
  6. Inside the Eye of Algond
  7. Bonus - The Nereid of Esgalduin
  8. Bonus - Vicious Joy & Black Delight
  9. Bonus - Feast of the grand Whore
  1. The fifth Illusion
  2. Wolfera The Jackal
  3. Non Serviam
  4. Morallity of a dark Age
  5. Where Mortals have no Pride
  6. Fethroesforia (Instrumental)
  7. Mephesis of black Crystal
  8. Ice shaped God
  9. Saturn Unlock Avey's Son
  10. Bonus video tracks - Morality of a dark Age (live in Mexico '94)
  11. Bonus video tracks - Feast f the grand Whore (live in Mexico '94)
  12. Bonus video tracks - Non Serviam (live in Greece 2002)
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