Merrimack Wrestle with Gravity on New Single

Posted on February 6, 2024

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Prepare to delve deep into an abyss of existential turmoil. Today, MERRIMACK are unveiling the third piece of their new album Of Grace and Gravity.

Listen to “Under the Aimless Spheres”:

Of Grace and Gravity is out March 8, 2024.


“Under the Aimless Spheres” is a visceral exploration of existential angst and spiritual dissolution. The new single echoes the French black metal band’s enigmatic mastery and captivating lyrical depth.

The lyrics, laden with poetic intensity, evoke a journey through the tormented landscapes of the soul. “We hope in her loins for the assumption, The oath is palavered at her breast”. Merrimack tempt the divide between faith and disillusionment, confronting the weight of our cryptic existence.

With each writhing verse, Merrimack slinks along the contours of existential despair, casting a light on the ferments of stone and sighs of the earth. “Under the Aimless Spheres” is as challenging as it is extreme, a tumultuous dance of divine contempt and mortal longing. Yet it’s also familiar, thrilling territory for a band that’s always cutting along the fine line between what’s sacred and profane.
  1. Sulphurean Synods
  2. Sublunar Despondency
  3. Dead and Distant Clamors
  4. Wounds that Heal
  5. Starving Crowns
  6. Under the Aimless Spheres
  7. Embalmer’s Wine
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