NADER SADEK – In the Flesh – October 25, 2011

Posted on October 25, 2011

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In support of his debut full-length album “In the Flesh” released earlier this year, Egyptian-born, New York-based visual and conceptual artist Nader Sadek has announced the details of his first ever live appearance in support of the album, taking place November 20th at Santos Party House for FREE in New York City.

With stage design that resembles a Wagnerian Opera, Nader Sadek seeks to take the death metal experience to new heights, as he is set to perform the new album “In The Flesh” live in its entirety alongside the production team behind the album. Upon entering the space, the audience is invited to view all of Sadek’s works on and off the stage and each attendee will be given “pamphlet” describing the evenings 3 acts. People can expect more than several props which are recognizable from Sadek’s recent videos, such as glowing sulphuric crystals, caves, thrones, and an “elaborate setup for the drums”.

The show will feature a lengthy overture by a masked surprise female vocalist performing inside a mirrored cube, guitarists enveloped by a web of vines and more. Conceptually, the theme behind the album will manifest itself in the live setting. Petroleum will embrace the composition of the visual and aural assault. This is a minimal description of what is to ensue on stage during the live slaughter of In The Living Flesh, which will finally bring Sadek’s concept behind his new album to life. The performance will also be filmed live.

This special show will also introduce young talent Sean Frey on bass. “What can I say?”, Sadek comments. “Of all the bands Novy has played in, the albums he is on are undisputedly my favorite. Coincidence? I think not. Bass is a very underrated, yet very important instrument, it can change the feel of a song entirely. It is definitely an important factor that Novy is also a songwriter, and understand the importance of composition within the structure of a song. His compositions within Dies Irae are very impressive. I’m excited to welcome Novy to the flesh!”

Novy made the following comment: “It’s a pleasure to play with great musicians in an amazing project like “In the Flesh.” Listen to the new album and this project, feel this energy and emotion and… Move your black hearts to NADER SADEK’s show on the 20th of November at Santo’s in New York City. Stay brutal and see you on the show!!!”

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