Wrath of Logarius Release First Single off Upcoming EP

Posted on October 31, 2023

More information about Necrotic Assimilation

Wrath of Logarius come crawling out from the misty forests of Northern California. In their wake, fans a dark, flaming and eerily melodic new subgenre: Formless Black Metal.

This skeletal trio are now releasing their very first EP on Season of Mist. The six songs on ‘Necrotic Assimilation’ writhe between black, brutal death and even melodic post-metal – often over the course of one hard and fast song.

Watch the fire-breathing visualizer for lead single “The Burning One”, which was created by Andrés Montero Conde:


‘Necrotic Assimilation” will be available as a digital download starting December 8.

Pre-save: https://orcd.co/necroticassimilationpresave

“’Necrotic Assimilation’ is the product of blending our favorites aspects of different types of black metal into one band,” says Wrath of Logarius. “We are pleased with the outcome and will continue to build on that idea.”

So what exactly is formless black metal? A mountainous slop of human flesh…an amalgamation of ever-changing eyes, fangs and bone. That description is one of the first things you hear on “The Burning One”, and while awfully unsettling, it hits the nail right through the demon’s skull. The song screams across the sky thanks to Noctifer’s malignant vocals, only to plunge into a fiery pit of tremolo picking before snapping back into blast beats that blister under the legendary heel of Lord Marco.

“‘The Burning One’ tells a story about an inner dimensional invasion of earth”, says Wrath of Logarius. “These unsightly creatures are set to take over the world, infecting everything living with Necrotic Assimilation, a virus that takes over the mind. Hosts are turned into an empty vessel, forced to do the bidding of The Burning One”.

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