Fuck God Disease Process

Artist: Otargos

Catalog Number: SUA009

Release Date: September 21st, 2009

  1. Dawn of the Ethereal Monolith
  2. La Genèse de Dieu
  3. The Wall of Galaxies
  4. N-Universe
  5. Pour toi une Renaissance
  6. Four Facets of the Tetragramaton Sinestre
  7. Nullabsolut
  8. Erased
  9. Entropy Omega

OTARGOS are now ready to take the world with "Fuck God-Disease Process" by storm. Spawned in the Black Metal underground, the French have continuously grown during their long history, which goes back to their founding in Bordeaux in 2001. Gaining experience by performing live, OTARGOS record their first demo "Conqueror, Conqueror … Destroyer" only months later. Since then they have firmly stayed on the course of true Black Metal. The French also remain bound to the stage as a live act in essence. Adding a second guitarist for more power, they perform with ENTHRONED, BELENOS, SETH any many others. After some line-up changes and the "Codex 666 - Infernal Legions Strike" EP, OTARGOS unleash their album debut "Ten-Eyed Nemesis", while still avoiding trendy keyboards or female vocals. Yet the French do not just follow already trodden paths and start to explore new musical horizons on their second full-length "Kinetic Zero", which plunges destructive sonic outbursts into the total chaos of matter, time and space. OTARGOS base their philosophy on cosmology and atheism, the inexistence of life or death in a quantum world, where humanity's weakness is exposed in the fractal particularity of the "multiverse". Taking their lyrical and musical concept to a new level, OTARGOS are joining forces with Season of Mist Underground Activists to spread "Fuck God-Disease Process" to the world. Be warned: OTARGOS were not created by God, they create the Gods!

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