Review your Choices

Artist: Pentagram

Catalog Number: SOM190

Release Date: November 17th, 2008

  1. Burning Rays
  2. Change of Heart
  3. Living in a Ram's Head
  4. Gorgon's Slave
  5. Review Your Choices
  6. The Diver
  7. The Bees
  8. I Am Vengeance
  9. Forever My Queen
  10. Mow You Down
  11. Downhill Slope
  12. Megalania
  13. Gilla?

PENTAGRAM's fourth studio album "Review Your Choices" marked the band's sixth comeback after several changes of line-up and label. These acclaimed protagonists of Doom Metal proved once more indestructible by drug addiction, break ups, bad deals, jail terms, chronic illness, satanic blood sacrifices and various acts of self destruction. Main-man and singer Bobby Liebling has kept his band alive for over 35 years now and might easily be awarded the title of "longest serving cult band" – highly acclaimed by fans, press and fellow musicians alike. "Review Your Choices" marked the return of multi-instrumentalist Joe Hasselvander to join Bobby Liebling in his eternal quest of creating the heaviest sound possible. The album features a mix of re-recorded lost Liebling tracks from the 70's and stellar new numbers penned by Hasselvander, which gave "Review Your Choices" an extra heavy feeling. PENTAGRAM once again set a standard to be followed by such illustrious followers as Cathedral, Spirit Caravan, Goatsnake, St. Vitus, Trouble or High On Fire among many others. Dive down deep into gloom and despair with this classic Doom recording. "PENTAGRAM is the USA's Black Sabbath." - Shelton Hank Williams III "Pentagram deserves respect!" - Philip Anselmo – Down/ex-Pantera "One of the best bands of all time." - Jimmy Bower – Down/Eyehategod

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