Sub Basement

Artist: Pentagram

Catalog Number: SOM189

Release Date: November 17th, 2008

  1. Bloodlust
  2. Buzzsaw
  3. Drive Me to the Grave
  4. Sub-Intro
  5. Sub-Basement
  6. Go in Circles (Reachin' for an End)
  7. Mad Dog
  8. After the Last
  9. Tidal Wave>
  10. Out of Luck
  11. Target

Doom is made out of 666 tons heavy riffing, vocals filled with pain, regret and spite as well as leaden song-structures stretched taut to the point of ripping. PENTAGRAM embody all those virtues like no other contender in this oldest of all genres of Metal being founded by none other than Black Sabbath. Many have named PENTAGRAM the true heirs of those originators of Heavy Metal and honourably dubbed them 'the American Black Sabbath'. In this sixth incarnation of the band, Doom lord Bobby Liebling had reunited with drummer Joe Hasselvander, who had already been a member of PENTAGRAM twice before. Hasselvander played all the instruments, while Liebling added his matchless vocals. "Sub-Basement" was the second output of this line-up and is regarded as the most Rock N' Roll effort of the doomsters ever. On top of PENTAGRAM's perfect Doom sound an irresistible groove and capturing catchiness was added, which made the album an all time favourite for many fans. "Sub-Basement" will kick your ass and twist your legs. "PENTAGRAM is the USA's Black Sabbath." - Shelton Hank Williams III "PENTAGRAM deserves respect!" - Philip Anselmo (Down/ex-Pantera) "One of the best bands of all time." - Jimmy Bower – (Down/Eyehategod)

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