Omega Infinity

Solar Spectre

Artist: Omega Infinity

Catalog Number: SOM543

Release Date: March 27th, 2020

  1. Uranus
  2. Mars
  3. Venus
  4. Jupiter
  5. Sol
  6. Neptune
  7. Saturn
  8. Terra
  9. Mercury

OMEGA INFINITY: two words that embody the unimaginable blackness beyond the known universe, the endless cycle of birth and death, of creation and destruction. The band is guided by Tentakel P. from TODTGELICHTER and Xen from NE OBLIVISCARIS. Their debut album 'Solar Spectre' marks the beginning of an immersive journey through our solar system and beyond. Encountering the fierceness and fury of the red colossus Mars, our own terrifying yet miraculous existence on Terra or the vastness and coldness of Neptune, OMEGA INFINITY transforms each of these traits into versatile and entrancing compositions.

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