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Cloak (Blackened Death Rock)


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Latest news: Tue, Oct 15 2019, CLOAK

Upcoming release: "The Burning Dawn"

Release date: Fri, Oct 25 2019, US Fri, Oct 25 2019

American blackened rockers CLOAK are premiering the third track from their new album 'The Burning Dawn' which is set for worldwide release on October 25. The song "A Voice in the Night" is now streaming via the Season of Mist YouTube channel.

Check out the music video here.

CLOAK comment: "'A Voice In The Night' is a song about following the road of true freedom, which in turn is a road of constant strife. It's about venturing into the darkest corners of this doomed world and carving your own path until the end. This song is dedicated to those who have heard this voice, and those especially who were brave enough to heed its call."

The artwork of 'The Burning Dawn' has been created by Adam Burke and can be viewed below, together with the tracklist.



  1. March Of The Adversary
  2. The Cleansing Fire
  3. A Voice In The Night
  4. Tempter’s Call
  5. Into The Storm
  6. Lifeless Silence
  7. The Fire, The Faith, The Void
  8. On Poisoned Ground
  9. Where The Horrors Thrive

'The Burning Dawn' can be pre-ordered in the Season of Mist shop.

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Unyielding darkness and brutality emerge from the deep south of the United States. Atlanta, GA based quartet CLOAK blend the sounds of black metal, rock ‘n’ roll, and homegrown Southern sludge to create their own unique and menacing sound.

Their debut full-length, 'To Venomous Depths,' (2017) was met with critical acclaim upon its release. Decibel Magazine placed it at #20 among their “Top 40 Albums of 2017,” solidifying the band’s place among the heavy metal elite. Now, CLOAK is back with 'The Burning Dawn,' a riff-heavy and groove-laden follow-up that proves the band are still rife with fresh ideas.

Conceptually, the record comes from a place below the surface where the sleepless and sinister dwell, and is absorbed by the darkest of dreams and the most primal desires. Musically, this exploration takes the gothic nuances of its predecessor while abandoning any hesitation in exchange for a more aggressive and vehement spirit.

While rippers like “On Poisoned Ground” and “Into the Storm” deliver a fury of soulful aggression, songs like “Lifeless Silence” and “The Fire, The Faith, The Void” offer a darker, gothic essence, ultimately displaying CLOAK’s multi-faceted and dynamic musical diversity. So, raise your fists and set fire to the world; this is 'The Burning Dawn'.


Name Instrument
Scott Taysom Vocals & Guitar
Max Brigham Guitar
Sean Bruneau Drums
Billy Robinson Bass

Releases Season of Mist


The Burning Dawn

General information
: Fri, Oct 25 2019
: Fri, Oct 25 2019
: Blackened death rock
: SOM535


To Venomous Depths

General information
: Fri, Nov 10 2017
: Fri, Nov 10 2017
: Blackened Death Rock
: SOM428
: available




Tour dates

Date Country Town Venue Other information
Fri, Oct 25 2019 US Jacksonville, FL 1904 Music Hall + 1349 + Uada
Sat, Oct 26 2019 US Asheville, NC Mothlight + 1349 + Uada
Sun, Oct 27 2019 US Baltimore, MD Soundstage + 1349 + Uada
Mon, Oct 28 2019 US Brooklyn, NY Saint Vitus + 1349 + Uada
Tue, Oct 29 2019 US Somerville, MA ONCE Ballroom + 1349 + Uada
Wed, Oct 30 2019 CA Quebec City, QC L'Anti + 1349 + Uada
Thu, Oct 31 2019 CA Montreal, QC Piranha Bar + 1349 + Uada
Fri, Nov 01 2019 CA Toronto, ON Velvet Underground + 1349 + Uada
Sat, Nov 02 2019 US Chicago, IL Cobra Lounge + 1349 + Uada
Sun, Nov 03 2019 US St Paul, MN Turf Club + 1349 + Uada
Mon, Nov 04 2019 US Kansas City, MO Riot Room + 1349 + Uada
Tue, Nov 05 2019 US Denver, CO The Oriental Theater + 1349 + Uada
Wed, Nov 06 2019 US Albuquerque, NM Sister Bar + 1349 + Uada
Thu, Nov 07 2019 US Las Vegas, NV Bunkhouse + 1349 + Uada
Fri, Nov 08 2019 US Los Angeles, CA The Hi-Hat + 1349 + Uada
Sat, Nov 09 2019 US Oakland, CA Oakland Metro + 1349 + Uada
Sun, Nov 10 2019 US San Diego, CA Brick By Brick + 1349 + Uada
Mon, Nov 11 2019 US Mesa, AZ Club Red + 1349 + Uada
Tue, Nov 12 2019 US El Paso, TX Rockhouse + 1349 + Uada
Wed, Nov 13 2019 US Austin, TX Come And Take It Live + 1349 + Uada
Thu, Nov 14 2019 US Dallas, TX Gas Monkey + 1349 + Uada
Fri, Nov 15 2019 US Memphis, TN The Hi Tone + 1349 + Uada
Sat, Nov 16 2019 US Atlanta, GA 529 + 1349 + Uada
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