Season of Mist, French independent label for Metal and Rock

Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult (Metal)



Once upon a snowy night in Oslo, during early 2009, five musicians of much fame and even more renown gathered together and an idea was sparked at that meeting. They would combine all their experience, talent drive and passion to create something hard, loud and completely new. Thus DOCTOR MIDNIGHT & THE MERCY CULT was born. Those five men are drawing from very illustrious pasts: The stunning vocals are contributed by Scandinavian superstar Hans Erik Dyvik Husby aka Hank von Hell of TURBONEGRO fame. Tim Skold is so far best known for his tremendous bass lines in MARILYN MANSON and KMFDM. Guitar duties are shared by Anders Odden, who played for SATYRICON and CELTIC FROST amongst many other bands and Audun Stengel from APOPTYGMA BERZERK. Last but definitely not least is EXTOL drummer David Husvik with a huge reputation for his technical excellence and complex patterns. Now DMTMC unleash their amazing debut "I Declare : Treason", which is much more than just a tribute to its members different heritage. Dark but catchy, hard but full of groove, melodic but inviting to dance "I Declare : Treason" will quickly take the listener firmly into its grip. DOCTOR MIDNIGHT & THE MERCY CULT proscribe a heavy dose of their unique Metal Shock Rock cure. Open your ears and get yourself a treatment!


Name Instrument
Hank von Helvete Vocals
Anders Odden Guitar
Audun Stengel Guitar
Tim Skold Bass
David Husvik Drums

Releases Season of Mist


(Don't) Waste It

General information
: Mon, May 09 2011
: Metal Shock Rock
: SOM241E
: available


I Declare : Treason

General information
: Mon, Jun 06 2011
: Tue, Jun 07 2011
: Metal Shock Rock
: SOM241
: available
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