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Menace (Experimental Metal)




MENACE are the brainchild of Mitch Harris (NAPALM DEATH, MEATHOOK SEED). "The band is called MENACE, but to me, it is more than just a band or a solo project", comments the musician. "It is the result of my life's work." Not surprisingly regarding such an adventurous and prolific musician, the result is stunningly eclectic and absolutely unique. Within their driving, creative heavy rock or audio-installationism (A.I.) in the artist's own words, Harris and MENACE explore dissonance, melody, relating the width and breadth of human emotion and experience. This delicious musical cocktail contains many tasty ingredients ranging from the mystery and emotionality of TOOL to eccentric VOIVOD and even delivering thrashy riffs. Yet none of these comparisons and labels fully fit as MENACE always add their own twist finding a new way of expression. Tracks such as "I Live With Your Ghost" and "Painted Rust" are infectious anthems both personal and obscure; distilling and amplifying the sum of Harris' experiences from good to tragic and all in between. "MENACE bring unrealised dreams closer to fruition", he adds. "It is about overcoming loss and hardship, and a combination of my many interests." ‘Impact Velocity’ is not just an outstanding collection of modern heavy rock, but comes equally as a challenge and with a surprisingly broad appeal. Expect the unexpected!


Name Instrument
Mitch Harris Guitars, vocals, synths
Derek Roddy Drums
Fred Leclercq Bass
Shane Embury Bass
Nicola Manzan Violin, cello, viola

Releases Season of Mist


Impact Velocity

General information
: Fri, Mar 14 2014
: Tue, Mar 18 2014
: Experimental Metal
: SOM328
: available




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