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Murmur (Experimental Black Metal)



MURMUR has re-emerged an altogether different beast than the one that spawned 2010's morose full-length "Mainlining the Lugubrious". On their forthcoming self-titled second album the band, led by guitarist and vocalist Matthias Vogels, created a sound as distinct and progressive as anything to ever come from the US heavy-rock underground. Their music is angular and propulsive; flexing fluid time and meter changes as they build to dizzying crescendos, before collapsing into moments of fragile subtlety. "Murmur" spans the spectrum from primal to provocative, and is the crossroad were a wild range of influences from black metal via experimental jazz, Midwest punk to noise rock, and more meet. MURMUR deliver one of the most innovative and groundbreaking works of the modern black metal scene. The band was founded in 2007 in Chicago, Illinois (USA). Their debut "Mainlining the Lugubrious" immediately had a massive impact in their home country’s underground scene. Yet already the following split-single in 2011 with compatriots NACHTMYSTIUM led to quickly growing international recognition. Now MURMUR are ready to take on the world with "Murmur" displaying their stunningly fast-paced evolution. Time to get those headphones on and listen...


Name Instrument
Matthias Vogels Guitars, moogs, voice
Alex Perkolup Bass, voice
Shane Prendiville Guitars, moogs, voice
Charlie Werber Percussion

Releases Season of Mist



General information
: Fri, Jan 17 2014
: Tue, Jan 21 2014
: Experimental Black Metal
: SUA017
: available
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