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Mystifier (Ancient Black Metal)




MYSTIFIER were formed by lead guitarist and bassist Beelzeebubth, Lucifuge Rofocale on drums, guitarist Behemoth, and vicalist Meugninousouan in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil in 1989. The band created an aggressive, fast, and malignant sound within the classic black metal style, which makes them veterans of their scene.

A first demo tape, which was entitled 'Tormenting the Holy Trinity' came out in November 1989 and secured the band several shows at home and all over Brazil. Their 7" debut single 'The Evil Ascension Returns' as well as a second demo, entitled 'Aleister Crowley' let to widespread underground recognition for MYSTIFIER in 1990.

MYSTIFIER's debut full-length, 'Wicca' was already released worldwide in 1992 and the Brazilians managed to cement their reputation with each following record and accompanying tour. 'Göetia' hit the streets in 1993, 'The World Is So Good That Who Made It Does not Live here' followed in 1996, 'Profanus' came out in 2001. In the wake of their release of the deluxe box 'Baphometic Goat Worship' (2008), MYSTIFIER performed at the NWN Festival ll in Berlin, Germany and several other festivals around the globe.

In the passing of time, MYSTIFIER underwent some radical line-up changes. Vocalist Leandro Kastyphas was replaced by the exceptional Diego Sorcerer Do’Urden from INFESTED BLOOD. Drummer Alex Rocha (POISONOUS) handed his sticks over to Edward WarMonger (former ly of MEDICINE DEATH), who brought much experience and maturity to the group's compositions.

Having wrecked stages throughout South and North America, Europe and and other places with several sold-out shows during the 'Bloodshed Rituals' tour in support of ROTTING CHRIST, MYSTIFIER are currently focusing on their forthcoming new album, which is ear-marked for release in 2018.


Name Instrument
Armand Bäelzeebubth lead guitar, backing vocals
Diego Sorcerer Do’Urden vocals, keyboards, bass guitar
Edward Warmonger percussion
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