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Rage Nucleaire (Black Metal)


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Latest news: Wed, Jul 09 2014, RAGE NUCLEAIRE

Latest release: "Black Storm of Violence"

Release date: Fri, Jul 18 2014, US Tue, Jul 22 2014

Canadian extreme metallers RAGE NUCLÉAIRE are now streaming their forthcoming new album 'Black Storm of Violence' in its entirety! The brutally bulldozering full-length can be heard through the following exclusive media partners:

Invisible Oranges (US)
Metal Exposure (NL)
Metal Hammer (DE)
Metal Hammer (NO)
Metal Wani (IN)
Thrashocore (FR)

'Black Storm of Violence' will be released on the Season of Mist Underground Activists division on July 18th (July 22nd in North America) and is now available for pre-order at our new e-shop. Here are the cover artwork and track list:



  1. Annihilaton Frenzy
  2. A Sino‐American Chainsaw War
  3. The Deadfall Triptych
  4. Goddess Of Filth
  5. Ritual Murder (And Its Attendant Blessings)
  6. Le Grand Mal De Vivre
  7. Revel In Bones
  8. Black Storm Of Violence



Urgent re-evaluation of case study ADL 1107-RN6 on subject: RAGE NUCLÉAIRE. Subject massively escalates all violently homicidal, suicidal, genocidal and vindictive behavior patterns with new revelation of murderous intent under the tell-tale headline “Black Storm of Violence”. It has already been established that Subject was never actually born. Instead, Subject’s component parts (please refer to Component Parts listing below), including former CRYPTOPSY figurehead Lord Worm, were assembled by Alvater, sometime in AD 2000, for the purpose of directing their aggression outwards, which came to fruition with their debut “Unrelenting Fucking Hatred”. Subject still claims to be under influences ranging from early EMPEROR and IMMORTAL, to ANAAL NATHRAKH and MYSTICUM. There are most certainly others, but these are not named. Subject’s problems derive from primary including cultic practise (“Ritual Murder”) and flies. Secondary obsessions include bloody massacres (“A Sino‐American Chainsaw War”) and swine. Subject feels an especially virulent loathing for all humanity. A cognitive-behavioral analysis concludes that Subject’s expressional proclivities include bonesaw guitars, punishing rhythms, bombastic keyboards, revoltingly inhuman vocals, and an orgiastic array of ghastly samples. A new diagnosis reveals an increase of Subject’s aggressive state of fury. Warning: RAGE NUCLÉAIRE remains extremely dangerous and harmful to others. Approach “Black Storm of Violence” only with greatest caution and respect!


Name Instrument
Alvater Bass, Keyboards, Mixing Board
Dark Rage Guitars
Fredrik Widigs Drums
Lord Worm Vocals, B-vox

Releases Season of Mist


Black Storm of Violence

General information
: Fri, Jul 18 2014
: Tue, Jul 22 2014
: Black Metal
: SUA055
: available


Unrelenting Fucking Hatred

General information
: Fri, Oct 19 2012
: Tue, Nov 06 2012
: Black Metal
: SUA027
: available
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