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Severe Torture (Brutal Death Metal)




Death Metal machine SEVERE TORTURE comes crushing down on this godforsaken planet to slaughter everything that stands in its way. Razor sharp riffing and massive machinegun fire drums, duel at an awe inspiring rate while fierce guttural growls grind down the last pockets of resistance. It is no secret that SEVERE TORTURE have taken their inspiration from the original US Death Metal heralded in blood and gore by bands like Cannibal Corpse. Assembled in 1997 by guitarist Thijs, drummer Seth van de Loo and bass player Patrick Boleij, this fearsome beast of blood and steel has since helped shape the course of brutal Death Metal.

With the founding members remaining firmly at the wheel, SEVERE TORTURE stayed true to their own ripping style until today. It is this stubborn persistence through all short lived trends, which earned the Dutch their dedicated and extremely loyal fan base. A first demo "Baptized..." was released on tape in 1998 and shortly after vocalist Dennis Schreurs, whose fierce growls have since then become a trademark item for SEVERE TORTURE. A two-song promo recorded a year later and released as the 7" single "Pray for Nothing" (1999) earned the band their first record deal. This was followed by single "Lambs of a God" (2000) and the first tour with Damnation from Poland in the year 2000 after the release of their debut "Feasting on Blood" (2000).


This album demonstrated the Dutch's cunning knack for melodies and catchy songwriting and their immediate success became obvious, when SEVERE TORTURE accepted invitations to tour Europe with Macabre and Broken Hope in Europe as well as to the Ohio Death Fest and more shows in the USA during the year 2001. Surfing on this wave of success, the band recorded second full-length "Misanthropic Carnage" in March 2002 and hit the roads in the US and Europe again, where they had the honour to open for CANNIBAL CORPSE. Due to a desire to add more instrumental fire-power, SEVERE TORTURE added guitarist Marvin Vriesde to their line-up in 2003. The Dutch returned after a change of label with their ultra heavy album number three "Fall of the Despised" (2005), which led them to play the prestigious Maryland Deathfest as well as Party.San Open Air, Kaltenbach Open Air and several other festivals in Europe.

Having gained new momentum on the road with Vader and God Dethroned, the band unleashed "Sworn Vengeance" (2007). This time they joined Grave and Nile on the tour, which increased their monstrous live reputation. In the following year 2009, SEVERE TORTURE took a small creative break to charge their batteries. With renewed power the band signed to Season of Mist, where they released the critically acclaimed "Slaughtered". This album saw the Dutch adding more dimensions in their quest for every increasing quality within their still traditional approach towards Death Metal. Their fifth masterpiece reveals SEVERE TORTURE reaching a new peak: more brutal, eclectic and darker than ever, "Slaughtered" will blow you away!



Name Instrument
Dennis Schreurs Vocals
Thijs van Laarhoven Guitar
Marvin Vriesde Guitar
Patrick Boleij Bass
Seth van de Loo Drums

Releases Season of Mist



General information
: Mon, Jun 28 2010
: Tue, Jun 29 2010
: Brutal Death Metal
: SOM219
: available
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